Tell us your story in the Community Impact Survey!

To everyone around the world who stepped up and made medical supplies to help fight COVID-19: we want to hear from you!

Open Source Medical Supplies and Nation of Makers are teaming up to survey everyone who made PPE or other medical supplies to fight COVID-19, and we need your help! The goal of this survey is to accurately tell the story of how citizens stood up to help fight this pandemic, in order to demonstrate to governments and institutions how the public can help during crises. In our ideal world, this storytelling could lead to changes in government policies and new programs to help citizens become an emergency response network in crises.

Once the data is compiled, we’ll be distributing a public report on how the world stood up to help!Whether you’re currently producing supplies, on hiatus, or have already stopped production, we would really appreciate it if you could take 5-10 minutes out of your day to complete this Community Impact Survey!

Once you’re done, we’d also appreciate it if you could share the survey with others who have produced supplies!

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