Our Vision

We envision a world made of resilient communities, in which individuals and institutions are inspired and empowered to work together to create supplies that address local challenges and crises.

Image: PUC Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Marcelo Balisteri

What We Do

We inform and empower makers, engineers, manufacturers, local organizers, experts, and institutions around the world working in their communities to meet supply challenges stemming from global crises. 

We provide high-quality information, platforms for collaboration, and strategic support to globally-distributed local groups to facilitate rapid and effective mobilization.

We identify and collaborate closely with well-aligned strategic partners so that members of our community have a diverse ecosystem of support for their efforts.

Our Story

Launched in March 2020, Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) brought together a global network of over 74,000 makers, fabricators, community organizers, and medical professionals working to meet the unprecedented medical supply challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who We Are

The OSMS team includes engineers, medical professionals, scientists, researchers, makers, fabricators, designers, software developers, organizers, activists, international development professionals, and translators. Spread across 5 time zones, our professional team works with hundreds of dedicated volunteers to provide high-quality information and guidance to communities all over the world.

Open Source Medical Supplies is a project of RESOLVE.

Our Fiscal Sponsor

RESOLVE is our fiscal sponsor, and provides a platform for collaboration with others. You can read more about our partnership here.

Our Partners

Open Source Medical Supplies would like to thank our many partners for their generous support.

Support Us

Our work has been made possible through your generous support. You can help ensure that communities everywhere have affordable access to the health supplies they need by donating today. Thank you!

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