Global Open Source Quality Assurance System (GOSQAS)

The Global Open Source Quality Assurance System (GOSQAS) was formed to promote trust in open source medical devices and supplies. GOSQAS believes that increasing transparency around the quality and safety of these devices is necessary for global acceptance. To achieve this, GOSQAS has developed a “Trust Through Transparency” (TTT) approach to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices made from open source designs. The GOSQAS Asset Provenance Tracker allows anyone with access to an open source medical device to trace the provenance and add to it using a simple website. For more information, please visit our Github repository.


Introducing GOSQAS

GOSQAS streamlines humanitarian responses with tracking, verification, fraud prevention, and donor-vendor relations, accessible on any device without downloads.

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Discover the impact of GOSQAS. Learn how it bridges gaps in quality control, delivery tracking, and vendor-recipient relations, boosting transparency and efficiency during crisis response.

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Compliance Analysis

Explore our analysis on GOSQAS and regulatory standards, and its capabilities in handling complaints and potential for grassroots organizations and NGOs.

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Project Tracking

Learn how GOSQAS’s GDT uses QR codes for secure tracking and feedback- from maker creations, to monitoring humanitarian distributions and preventing counterfeiting.

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