Open Source Medical Supplies and Nation of Makers (NOM) are joining forces to compile a new Impact Report on local medical supply fabrication activity across the globe during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether your group is currently in production, on hiatus, or closed permanently, a summary of your group’s production and experience during the pandemic is critical for us to represent Local Response efforts accurately. 

Our Goals

  • Tell the Impact Story
    Once data is collected, we will issue a report with data visualization of the maker effort during the COVID-19 pandemic (see the OSMS weekly production count data as a sample).
  • Define Manufacturing as Emergency Response 
    Our goal is to promote awareness of this maker response as a valuable emergency response network, and to demonstrate how makers filled in the gaps when traditional supply chains failed. 
  • Help You Advocate Locally
    These materials can also help individual spaces demonstrate their impact and advocate for resources in their own communities.
  • Update the OSMS / NOM / FindTheMasks Map
    We will also use public data from this survey to update your organization’s profile on our shared Local Response map.

Thank you for the remarkable work your team has done to fill the gap in medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to honoring it with a powerful summary document.