Open Source Mobility Aids, GOSQAS at Maker Faire, Make: Magazine, Website Transformation, and More!

MAKE Magazine: DIY Air Purification!

Have you read our recent article in Make Magazine? We explore the DIY Corsi Box- a game-changer in indoor air quality! Our piece covers the design and effectiveness of the Corsi Box with links to instructables to make one for yourself. Dive into our article for a comprehensive overview of the importance of clean indoor air and discover how these DIY purifiers can contribute to public health. Read our article for free in the “Projects From Make” section to learn more!

OSMS Website Transformation Ahead!

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with The Sustainable Progress and Equality Collective (SPEC) for a major overhaul of the Open Source Medical Supplies website. This collaboration not only brings a fresh look to our online presence but also provides valuable paid work opportunities for SPEC fellows, who will play an integral role in our website’s redevelopment. Our relaunch is set to introduce a host of new features, with a special focus on enhancing our project library – making it more user-friendly and informative. For additional details about this transformation or to support this initiative with a tax-deductible donation, please visit our page on the SPEC platform. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks of the new design!

Spotlight on GOSQAS: Showcasing Innovation at Maker Faire and Beyond

In October, Open Source Medical Supplies, together with Public Invention, showcased GOSQAS at the Maker Faire Bay Area. The event featured a live demonstration of GOSQAS’ Global Distributed Tracking (GDT) software and provided educational and interactive experiences throughout the weekend. The response to the project was overwhelmingly positive, and the feedback collected from participants has been a key driver in advancing the next phase of GDT development. For those who haven’t explored GOSQAS yet, we invite you to access our detailed papers on the OSMS website. As this project has rapidly progressed in 2023, we are excited to bring more updates to our community in the near future!

New Additions to the OSMS Project Library: Introducing the ‘Movement & Transport’ Category

We continue the expansion of our OSMS Project Library with the addition of a new category: ‘Movement & Transport’. This category includes innovative projects focused on facilitating mobility.

Western University Low-Cost Walker This project showcases a peer-reviewed study on low-cost, customized walker designs. Utilizing 3D printing and easily accessible hardware-store components, it includes thorough load-failure testing and recommendations for future design improvements.

Do-It-Ourselves PVC-X Wheelchair Developed by wheelchair user Erik Kondo, this project provides a Bill of Materials and instructable for a PVC-based wheelchair prototype. It also includes stress testing video documentation demonstrating the wheelchair’s resilience and practicality.

Partner Update: Glia Open Source Tourniquet

The Glia Poland office has started scaled production of their injection molded unit and is fulfilling orders for a local tourniquet training center. See the most recent project updates on GitHub.

In response to civilian casualties from the Israel-Hamas war, the Glia Gaza team distributed 275 tourniquets to medical response teams and hospitals within 72 hours of initial airstrikes on Gaza.

October 10, 2023: Glia Gaza Administrative Director, Hanan Abu Qassem, supplies tourniquets to Gaza EMS teams and emergency departments.

This rapid deployment at a time of immediate need proves the value of supporting open-source, local manufacturing efforts for low-resource areas. 

OSMS and Glia are grateful to be new collaborators on the ASTM Tourniquet Specification Standard and a Tourniquet Design Guidance working group. We anticipate that our organization’s combined research and frontline experience in Gaza and Ukraine will help create new guidelines for testing, evaluation, manufacturing, and end-user training.

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