The Weekly Count: 30% Increase in Production Means 5.75 Million Units Total!

Members of the open source community have now created at least 5.75 MILLION UNITS worth of medical supplies across the globe since this pandemic began! Last week, you all made over 1.75M units alone, which is a 30% increase from the week before!

We are now tracking supplies being made in 49 different countries (which represent over 25% of countries on Earth), and we are filling in verified data from countries that haven’t reported to our public polls previously.

We are seeing a large-scale formalization and shift in production processes as small and mid-size non-medical manufacturers retool their shops to make PPE, makerspaces invest in high-productivity tools (like die cutters and injection molders) and processes like improvised assembly lines, and distributed networks of makers sheltering in place come online to work together to support their communities in coordinated ways.

We are starting to see entire countries be supported by their open source movements; according to our reports, Lithuania’s makers and retooled manufacturers have successfully fulfilled all orders from its hospitals.

KEEP IT UP EVERYONE! You’re doing astonishing work, and you’re saving lives with every piece of protective equipment you make!

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