The Weekly Count: 11.1 Million Units!

The tally for last week is done! The open source community is now up to 11.1 MILLION UNITS of medical supplies shipped all over the world! Last week alone you all made just under 1M units alone!

The big news this week was that we got in contact with Spain’s nationwide maker tracking system, and over the past few months Spain’s maker community has production 1.5 million units in its own right! Congratulations to everyone there!

We are seeing production continue to level off across the world, which we talked about last week. We’re continuing to work on potential solutions for connecting makers to places that need medical supplies, and figuring out how makers can connect to more resources. We’ll have more information for you soon!

In the meantime, thank you all once again for all the work you are doing! You are doing amazing work keeping your communities safe through this pandemic!

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