PPE Use Guide


Open Source Medical Supplies has now created a comprehensive guide for how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect yourself from COVID-19 in different types of situations.
Almost all public PPE guidance focuses on face masks, which are best used in low-risk situations like outdoor walks or brief errands. Certain activities like working indoors around people for long periods of time, using public transit or flying for hours, or working around sick people, are higher risk. Those types of situations call for better and more PPE.
This guide walks you through what different types of PPE are used for, so you can decide how to best protect yourself given your risk level.
We compiled this guide using 12 different public health and medical resources in order to help the general public protect itself as the world reopens and goes back to work. We encourage everyone to bookmark this and share it far and wide in order to help teachers, service industry workers, medical professionals, and everyone else be as informed and as safe as possible.

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