OSMS Meets with Local Response Leaders

We here at Open Source Medical Supplies had our first conference call with local response leaders all over the world. We touched on the following topics on the call:

1. What supply shortages we see coming up.
2. How long we think this may last.
3. Potential liability issues for makers and manufacturers.
4. Potential strategies for supporting local communities in the short, medium and long term.
5. Sharing effective local response strategies and best practices from all over the world.
6. A question and answer session for local response organizers.

If you’re organizing your community’s local response, or just want to stay informed, we strongly recommend watching this to stay aware of global issues as they come up!

If you are organizing a local response effort and want to register your group, follow this link! We’re hoping to set up weekly calls, but we want these calls to be focused on group leaders that can share best practices.

If you’re an individual maker, please sit tight for now – we’re working on setting up public town hall meetings that everyone can participate in!

Watch the video on Facebook!

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