New Open Source Medical Supplies Website!

We are incredibly excited to announce an entirely-new website for Open Source Medical Supplies at!

The site features:

  1. A supply category library that makes the 36 supply categories in our Medical Supply Guide super easy to learn about and search through
  2. A project library that lets you navigate our 113 open source supply projects by skill level, tools available to you, and more
  3. An actively-curated map of more than 740 globally-distributed local response groups all over the world that you can join with or contact if you need help
  4. An interactive dashboard that you can use to see open source production data from all over the world
  5. A collection of some of the amazing community stories that have arisen as makers, crafters and manufacturers have banded together to respond to this crisis

We are incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers, staff members, and partnering organizations that have worked together to make this site possible! This site wouldn’t be possible without a tremendous amount of work from our Development team, the continuous and ongoing efforts of our Documentation team, the research and review of our Medical team, sprints from our Community and Communications teams, and a lot of partnership and development work from our Local Response team!

Special thanks to our Local Response map partners #FindTheMasks, Nation of Makers and Fab Foundation for working with us to pull together the map.

Finally, none of this would’ve been possible without YOU! You all have stepped up in ways the world has never seen before, to help fight this pandemic both locally and globally!

Thank you everyone!

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