Make-ing a difference in Orlando

As the effects of COVID19 related medical supplies shortages became more apparent in his community. Orlando based maker, Ian Cole and his wife Candy, immediately deployed their resources to help. Through their organization, The Maker Effect Foundation they’ve supported a community of helpers to distribute resources across Florida.

In this series we learn some more about what motivated Ian to join.

What prompted you to get involved with the maker response to COVID19?
We can’t just sit on the sidelines – we saw a clear need in our community and we knew that not only could the makers help, but our ability to organize the makers would be a big boost to the production of emergency PPE alternatives

What message do you feel needs to be reinforced from the maker community at this time?

The maker community response is very hard to sustain, especially non-profits as they are also losing income as a result of makerspaces having fewer members, no classes, workshops or events, etc. Financial support helps keep the lights on AND keeps the sewing machines, 3d printers, and laser cutters running

What does being a maker means to you?
Personally, I love to learn how something works and then determine how to make it work even better. I’ve enjoyed doing this with everything from electronics to pinball machines and cars – but it also applies to communities – how can we build structures so that people can have space and the tools they need to do even more amazing things. That is the core of the mission of The Maker Effect Foundation – to activate makers and then use our resources to amplify their efforts in their local communities!

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