Home Care Guide for COVID-19 New Translations!


Open Source Medical Supplies is incredibly excited to announce that our Home Care Guide for COVID-19 has now been translated into Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish, thanks to the incredibly hard work of the volunteer translators at Translation Commons.

As a reminder, our home care guide teaches you how to take care of yourself and your family if any of you become seriously ill with COVID-19. It includes recommendations for how to quarantine safely within your home so your entire household doesn’t get sick, talks about how to take care of someone who’s severely ill, suggests ways to know when you need to go to the hospital, and includes suggestions for what kinds of medicine work best for symptoms.

You can access the guide by following the link below, and you can access the translations themselves by clicking “Select language” and “View” in the upper right hand corner. You can also access each translation directly here:

Translation Commons is also currently working on translating the guide into Greek, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Russian, and others, and we hope to make these available soon!

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