COVID-19 Home Care Guide

We have now compiled a comprehensive home care guide for COVID-19. We have been waiting for a comprehensive guide to become available through usual channels, but have not yet found one, so we made one ourselves using 40 medical and supplier sources.

The guide walks you through how you can care for someone with COVID-19, including:

  1. Identifying symptoms and getting tested
  2. Setting up quarantine within your home to keep your housemates and family safe
  3. Cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilating your home to reduce your risk of infection
  4. Offering supportive treatment and over-the-counter medication to seriously ill people to reduce their discomfort
  5. Suggesting precautions to take during bedrest to prevent clotting, and mental health considerations for extended periods in isolation
  6. Offering suggestions for when to go to the emergency room based on symptoms and testable vital signs
  7. Pulling together a comprehensive care package you can purchase for yourself or your loved ones locally, or send to someone fighting the disease on their own

I suggest sharing this widely, bookmarking it, and keeping in on-hand in case you or anyone in your network develops COVID-19 symptoms. Our goal in making this is to make sure nobody is taken by surprise by this disease, and understands the basics of how to care for themselves and others as we continue to fight through this pandemic.

Good luck everyone!

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