Sean Uy – The BC teen making PPE

Meet the Burnett Secondary High school student that has printed and distributed over 2000 supplies to communities at the epicenter of medical supplies shortages in the North American region.

What prompted you to get involved with the maker response to COVID19?

it all started with my uncle in Sacramento CA. He is a cardiologist and he told us that he may soon be put in the frontlines, treating patients with covid 19. He also said how there was a shortage of PPE in California. So I started doing research, seeing what designs were out there and soon came across the Facebook group open source medical equipment where (at the time) a small group of people were discussing ideas and ways 3d printer could help. Soon after, the group exploded, bringing hundreds of thousands of people together to fight covid 19, sharing ideas, designs and revisions.

What message do you feel needs to be reinforced from the maker community at this time?

The maker community has really blown away. People who I have never talked to, met, or even seen were now collaborating together, building each other up teaching each other and just being friends with everyone. It really goes to show, beyond the maker community that when we are all faced with a global problem or conflict, we will all work together in this shared goal. Makers all around the world should be very proud knowing that the world is behind us cheering us on.

What does being a maker means to you?

Being a maker is being part of a curious and innovative community. We make things! Some useful, some not, some cool, and in this case, lifesaving equipment. I am proud to be a maker. Proud to be part of this community. Proud to be learning. Proud to help other people.

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