Interest In Distributed Manufacturing For COVID-19 Supplies


Open Source Medical Supplies has been working with Dorothy Jones-Davis of Nation of Makers to figure out how to get all you makers, crafters, and retooled small manufacturers recurring, paid orders for the types of supplies you all have been making for the past 5 months. We’re developing a formal proposal for a new type of non-profit service to distribute these orders, and need your input!

If you’re in the U.S., and are interested in making PPE and other open source supplies on a recurring paid basis, please fill out this form, tell us what kinds of supplies you’re willing to make, and let us know what your estimated sustainable production volume and pricing is! We’ll follow up and be in touch as we develop and pitch our proposal to customers we’re talking to now. There are no guarantees that this proposal will be accepted, but we can’t know unless we try! Thank you in advance!

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