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Interactive Dashboards on Global Impact

Local groups around the world have been producing millions of PPE and medical supplies since the onset of COVID-19. OSMS has been tracking their impact globally and helped facilitate the international sharing of best practices; here are dashboards to explore the data further.

Our Data Collection Method

Open Source Medical Supplies tracked the combined datset of community-made PPE and medical supplies at a global level during 2020. We have two primary sources, the weekly tally from March-August 2020 as well as an in-depth Community Impact Survey.
For the Tally, we organized weekly public statements from members of our 72,000 person Facebook group sharing their production data. Here’s an example of our weekly tally collection. We chose to leverage public Facebook Group posts, rather than using survey forms, to increase transparency and community interaction. Data submitted by 300+ partnering organizations was vetted before it was included in our reporting.
Our second dataset, the Community Impact Survey, was organized together with Nation of Makers (NOM). This survey went in-depth on technologies used, group status, partnerships built as part of the PPE production and the relationship between makers and policy-makers. The Dashboard below provides a compound insight into these two datasets.

We have compiled additional infographics below; each of them draw either from the Tally data directly, or from a combined dataset between Tally, Community Impact Survey and Fab Foundation data.

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