Open Source Medical Supplies aims to provide clear and accurate information that empowers individuals and communities to address the challenges they face directly. Whether you are sewing face masks or just wearing them to the grocery store, the OSMS COVID-19 Guides can help you understand what PPE to use where, how to care for yourself or a loved one who is sick with COVID-19, the best Back-to-School practices for classrooms during COVID-19, and how to vote safely during a global pandemic.

COMING SOON – Check out the newest OSMS Guide! Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance: a brief overview of operating considerations and maintenance for oxygen concentrators.

Home Care

What to do if you have COVID-19


How and when to use personal protective equipment

Holiday Gathering

Safer practices if you’re gathering during the holidays

Back to School

Safe practices for schools during COVID-19

Vote Safely

How to stay safe if you are voting in-person

Local Response

A guide for group organizers

Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance

Concise guidance on maintenance, operating considerations, and troubleshooting of oxygen concentrators

Medical Supply Guide

A list of supplies you can make; see “Project Library” for an interactive version

Project Library

An interactive version of our Medical Supply Guide; use this to search supplies you can make

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