Articles about OSMS and the makers behind the scenes saving lives.

D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam

New York Times – March 31, 2020

From Ireland to Seattle, makers and engineers are creating open-source versions of much-needed medical equipment.

There are moments when Gui Cavalcanti feels like he woke up in a dystopian universe — a guy with no background in medical or disaster response, suddenly leading an international effort on Facebook to…

Makers 3D Printing and Sewing Gear to Help Fight Coronavirus

TIME – April 1, 2020

Thousands of makers are turning to one Facebook group in particular, Open Sourced Medical Designs, to share instructions, offer tips and encourage one another. The group, which has 52,000 members, is dedicated to collecting, vetting and disseminating open-source designs for everything from hand sanitizer to non-contact thermometers….